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Miscellaneous - SPRAY

Waterless hand cleaner (paste). (1 kg packed in cartons of 12 pieces)
Code : 101900 |pdf icon  |    email icon (SDS)

A viscous liquid product for hand cleaning which is extensively used in household and professional use.
Code : FN0800 |pdf icon  |    email icon (SDS)

Very effective paint stripper.
Code : P00556 |pdf icon  |    email icon (SDS)

Water finding paste for petroleum distillates. (Tubes 110 gr. packed in cartons of 25 pieces).
Code : 115600 |pdf icon  |    email icon (SDS)

Liquid used for detecting possible leaks in gas and pressurized gas/air lines in facilities, automobiles, trucks, tanks, etc.
Code : 141200 |pdf icon  |    email icon (SDS)

Powerful drain opener that unclogs the sewage (sinks, tubs, W.C., baths, sewers, drains, etc.). Provides fast, potent performance to clear blockages. No mechanical equipment is needed.
Code : 185800 |pdf icon  |    email icon (SDS)

Thin, liquid metal treatment compound which, when applied to rusted metal, chemically changes the rust (iron oxide) into iron phosphate. Therefore moisture and oxygen do not attack the metal. The surface produced is an inert, hard and grayish surface which will serve as a firm base for paint.
Code : 185300 |pdf icon  |    email icon (SDS)

Sewer and drain cleaner. A special product for waste decomposition.
Code : 131610 |pdf icon  |    email icon (SDS)

Code : 174900 |pdf icon  |    email icon (SDS)

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