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Liquid hand cleaner.
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Powder. Unclogs kitchen and bathroom sinks/drains from grease, oil etc.
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A very effective liquid anti – fouling corrosion inhibitor. Does not permit marine growths such as algae, shellfish and micro-organisms.
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An oily liquid containing rust inhibitors which forms a thin layer on the surfaces protecting them against humidity and corrosion.
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Water, moisture and humidity displacer leaving an ultra-thin protective film. Maintains and protects all electrical equipment. Prevents oxidation and corrosion. Stops leakage and arcing. Lubricates, penetrates and frees rusted parts.
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Rust guard. Long lasting protective coating for spare parts, outboard engines, cables, metallic surfaces etc. (hard film) This type of hard film gives better results against corrosion in relation with other products which form a soft film.
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