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 EUROCHEM S.A. offers a wide range of products for metal pre-treatment, stainless steel treatment, aluminum treatment, phosphate and protective coatings,

degreasers – derusters, cleaning and passivation, acid and alkaline cleaning, etc.

Before making your decision as to which method you are going to use, cleaning / degreasing or something more comprehensive, your decision should be based on the type of

contamination to be removed as well as the type of base in question.

Acidic, neutral or alkaline chemicals can be used for degreasing. These chemicals can also remove corrosion products such as mill scale and other oxides.

Rinsing is necessary with acidic and alkaline cleaners.

Iron phosphate treatment provides very good adhesion properties and does not have side effects on the properties of the powder coatings.

Iron phosphate provides good protection against low and middle class corrosion although it cannot compete with zinc phosphate.

Zinc phosphate forms a thicker layer than iron phosphate and securely attaches to the base material. It also has very favorable adhesive properties.

Zinc phosphate provides excellent protection against high corrosion classes for pre-treatment of steel and galvanized steel.

Manganese phosphate forms a very thick layer therefore painting is not recommended.

Chromate treatment provides a series of different procedures, which depend on the type of metal or alloy, the type of object, method of manufacture and quality requirements.


Chromate treatment is sub-divided into:

-Yellow chromate treatment.
-Clear chromate treatment.
-Green chromate treatment.


EUROCHEM S.A. expertizes in treatments and products we provide for these purposes, since we have manufactured a variety of products for specific uses depending on the application.




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