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Phosphate Coatings

Cleaning and phosphating of steel and zinc alloys. A superior cleaner produces an iron phosphate coating for paint adhesion. Inhibits re-rusting before painting.
Code : P00459 |pdf icon  |    email icon (SDS)

Low temperature iron phosphate and cleaner used by dipping.
Code : P01565 |pdf icon  |    email icon (SDS)

Same product as the above. Applied by spray.
Code : 160700 |pdf icon  |    email icon (SDS)

Liquid product for de – rusting, cleaning and phosphating in one step.
Code : P00576 |pdf icon  |    email icon (SDS)

Microcrystalline zinc phosphating of steel or zinc alloys. Smooth coating reduces paint cost. Provides paint bond and corrosion protection.
Code : P00472 |pdf icon  |    email icon (SDS)

Heavy manganese anti – friction coating and foundation for oil and paint. Substantial manganese coating for moving parts; base for rust proofing.
Code : P00461 |pdf icon  |    email icon (SDS)

Iron phosphate coating solvent based no need for rinsing.
Code : K3023 |pdf icon  |    email icon (SDS)

Decorative, rust resistant, black finish. (black oxide)
Code : P00316 |pdf icon  |    email icon (SDS)

(Black fast) decorative rust resistant black finish (black oxide) for cold application.

Code :  K3024 |pdf icon  |    email icon (SDS)

Inhibitive seal rinse aids for phosphate coatings.
Code : P00289 |pdf icon  |    email icon (SDS)

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