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For over 20 years fuels have been treated for various performance enhancing purposes across Western Europe and North America, and spread throughout the rest of the world.

Modern engines (from 2000 onwards) have now been designed to have optimum efficiency using fuels with performance additives,

while the latest engine technology requires highly specialized low sulphur fuels.

Engine manufacturers have expressed concern of the performance of their new engines using poor quality and untreated fuels.

Eurochem S.A. now has a full range of fuel additives available in our warehouses allowing the vessels, to launch their own high performance fuels or blend after market

fuel treatment products.

Our products offer three definitive benefits:

Fuel economy

Highly specialized friction modifiers in the fuel additives help reduce friction in the engine, thus improving overall fuel consumption.

Deposit cleanliness

Cleaning up and carbon deposits form on inlet valves, exhaust valves and injectors. Maintain as new injector performance. Promote smoother and more efficient combustion.

Avoid power loss over time

Avoids fuel consumption increase over time (due to less efficient combustion).

Savings on injector replacements.

Improved emissions profile.

Secondary benefits

Corrosion protection of fuel system.

Elimination of foaming.

Better water separation.



Liquid product for the pre-combustion conditioning treatment of residual fuel oils. Prevents stratification of fuel, disperses sludge and keeps clean the injectors.
Code : 103010 |pdf icon  |    email icon (SDS)


Liquid product with catalysts which improves the pre and post combustion stages. Reduces the formation of Carbon, Sulfur and Vanadium deposits.
Code : P00324 |pdf icon  |    email icon (SDS)


Liquid product as KEM-DP-FOT. Containing in addition flow improvers and pour point depressants.
Code : 183800 |pdf icon  |    email icon (SDS)


Fuel oil treatment for diesel oil.
Code : 123800 |pdf icon  |    email icon (SDS)


Pour point depressant.
Code : Ρ00132 |pdf icon  |    email icon (SDS)

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