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Electrical Cleaners

Safe, non flammable, quick evaporated cleaning solvent. Ideal for the in place-cleaning of electrical motors and equipment. Requires no wiping and leaves no residue.
Code : 116310 |pdf icon   |    email icon (SDS)

Degreasing for electric motors. Inflammable with quick evaporation rate.
Code : 175200 |pdf icon   |    email icon (SDS)

Liquid as the above. Works harder, has a high flash point, lower evaporation rate and is ideal for use in warm climates.
Code : P00389 |pdf icon   |    email icon (SDS)

Ozone and environmentally friendly, odorless, slow evaporating electric motors and parts cleaner with high flash point.
Code : 118700 |pdf icon   |    email icon (SDS)

Odorless product as the above but with faster evaporation rate and a flash point 40-45oC.
Code : 100966 |pdf icon   |    email icon (SDS)

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